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Our services include:

o    Custom manufacture polyclonal antibodies in goats, sheep and guinea pigs.

o    Supply of secondary antibodies in goats, donkeys and horses. These may be used as raw second antibodies for   applications such as RIA. The second antibodies are also available purified (protein A/protein G) and labeled with HRP, biotin or FITC for use in immunohistochemistry, ELISA, western blotting and related applications

o    Provision of a variety of blocking serums, including horse, goat, sheep, guinea pig, rabbit and hypophysectomised sheep.

o    Labelling of antibodies with other enzymatic markers can be performed to client specifications, by negotiation.

Future developments envisaged:

o    Fluorescent labelling of secondary antibodies with other fluorochromes.

o    Production of sub-class specific secondary antibodies for isotyping monoclonal antibodies.


Successful Antibody Production

Over the past five years, every custom production that we have undertaken has yielded a successful outcome. Whilst polyclonal antibody production cannot guarantee a successful outcome, we believe that our experience and track record provide the highest possible chance of success.




Antibodies Australia
Phone: 03 9905 8199, email: qun.li@med.monash.edu.au

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