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Antibodies Australia. Cost for Contract Immunisation and Ordering Details


2 sheep $1500

3 sheep $1700

4 sheep $1960

5 sheep$2100

With standard protocol, terminal bleeds will be 0.8-1.5 litre of antiserum. 


Day 1: Pre-immune bleed and primary boost

Week 4: 2nd Boost

Week 8: 3rd Boost

Week 10: 1st test bleed

Week 12: 4th Boost

Week 16: 5th boost

Week 18: 2nd test bleed

Week 20: 6th boost

Week 22: Terminal bleed (upon confirmation).

Test bleeds can be sent to client after 3rd and 5th boost. 

Price for extra boost, test bleed and extension: weekly animal maintenance at $8/animal. Test bleed: $30. Injection:$30.

Costs may be halved if the resultant product is shared on a 50:50 basis with Antibodies Australia Pty, Ltd (if AA has an interest). If clients choose this option we reserve the right to market this product.

Confidentiality will be maintained. The work will be conducted under local ethical guidelines.

GST will be charged. Freight extra, for test samples and final product.


Antibodies Australia
Phone: 03 9905 9866, email: mark.sleeman@monash.edu

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